The weekend began with cupcakes! I also finally picked up my prize pack that I won before Christmas - it was filled with the most random assortment of things. An XL red t-shirt that proclaims “BIG BIKE RIDER”, a stress ball, measuring spoons, mittens, a notepad, and a chef’s hat for a child; all in addition to the free race entry.

Ice fishing on the Red River was a big letdown again this week - only one fish! But the weather was great and it was fun to hang out with the husband!

Sunday morning run with Ryan (running partner) was definitely not as magical as last week. Snow conditions were dicey. The north portion of the route was relatively clear, but the south half of the loop was snow covered and made for uncertain footing. I also started out faster than I should’ve and struggled later on. The good news is that I kept my average below 11:00 overall. That still is setting me up to PR at the half in five weeks. And we were only supposed to run eight, but I decided that we should push for nine to see if I could keep pacing on target. I need to get in more of my mid week runs - which have been overshadowed by access to clear running paths lately.

I’ve also started working on creating workouts in Garmin Connect for marathon training. I know training doesn’t start until June but I’m just going to take my enthusiasm and channel it into something productive now.

Next week on the schedule: 3 workouts at the gym, 3 runs, abs every damn day, and hopefully the arrival of my pull-up bar!


  1. beachyrunner said: You are a serious inspiration for me!
  2. high-heel-mileage said: those cupcakes! Want. Cheering on your inevitable PR at the half!!!!
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