Hypo Half Marathon W1:D5

Okay, who stole winter? Seriously. When life hands you -3C/27F in December in Manitoba, you get out and run! Because you might not see those temperatures again until March!

I planned to do 5k but it was so nice I pushed to turnaround at 2.5 miles. On the way back, I saw a police arrest a man complete with hauling him out of his vehicle and cuffing him against the police cruiser. It was like a scene out of “COPS”. Of course, all of this ended up blocking my way to the running path so I detoured and added a bit of extra mileage. My splits were lovely and it was so nice to only wear one pair of tights, a light long sleeve shirt, and a windbreaker. If the weather holds, I’ll be out tonight for another 5k. I’ve looked at the long range forecast and it’s not looking nice. Back to -26C by tomorrow night and up to 8” of snow!

I’m off to the gym today for some arms and abs (or whatever that trainer feels like dreaming up!). Can’t wait to get my ass kicked!


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