On Monday I received an email from the race organizers of the 10k I did a week ago letting me know I was a finalist in a draw for a bike. Approximately 80 people were finalists, but you needed to present at a particular local bike store on May 1st for the drawing in order to be eligible to win. Figuring not many people would show up, I decided it was worth my time to go down and attend the drawing. Because you never know, right?

On the way to the store, I decided this was a great front for a time share presentation, and that there was probably no bike up for grabs. Fortunately I was wrong. Sadly I did not win the $900 bike. But they did some random draws for gift cards, and I was a lucky winner of a $20 gift card! This just made a new Camelbak much more appealing!!

Yay!! Only one day of work left!!!


  1. tallmormon said: Nice moves
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